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UMC Hvac and Plumbing builds hotels


UMC, Inc. started as a plumbing firm in 1972, and we’ve continued providing quality plumbing expertise for multi-family homes. As a powerhouse in the industry, we ensure excellence and satisfaction for all our clients. Our teams throughout Utah, Colorado, and Idaho are equipped to install plumbing for multi-family homes.

UMC Hvac and Plumbing builds hotels


We love working on big projects like hotels! In the past five decades, we’ve completed dozens of Hotel plumbing contracts throughout the Intermountain West. After providing quality service and expertise each time, we’ve become a brand name that contractors can trust. We don’t shy away from large, complex projects, and are happy to help you with your hotel.

UMC Hvac and Plumbing For Commercial Projects


Our team members are trained and certified in the latest safety and technology in the plumbing industry so you can be worry-free about your commercial plumbing. UMC, Inc. is equipped and certified to work on commercial projects of all sizes. UMC, Inc. can provide you with the quality and reliable service you need.

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With over 50 years of experience in plumbing, UMC, Inc. has solidified its position as an industry leader and expert. We ensure every project we work on is up to code, meets regulations, and is finished on time. Because of our years of excellence, we get it right the first time. We’re determined to stay a trusted name throughout the west, and ensure you’ll like the results.

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"We consider UMC an A+ team player. I absolutely love working with UMC from the top to the estimators, to the project managers, to even the guys in the field."

- Garth Geer, President of Palace Construction

"They not only deliver to my team, but they deliver out in the field. They're a true partner with the project versus just looking out for their own interests. And that's the difference at UMC."

- Mark Bokhoven, Director of Preconstruction, Pinkard Construction

"In my experience, I think integrity is easy to have when things are going well in life or on projects. It's very difficult to have integrity when things aren't going as well. And I've seen UMC have that integrity in both instances."

- Lars Erickson, Preconstruction Director, Big-D Construction



The safety of our employees always comes first; before profits or timelines.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our heating and cooling installations.

Our plumbing crews guarantee meeting our timelines to finish each stage of the construction process.


We offer free bids on all PLUMBING projects. We can provide an additional project quote to ensure you are getting the best rates. Need a second or third opinion on a price you’ve been quoted? We can help and offer you our best rates. UMC, Inc. prides itself in being competitive and pricing our projects fairly for our valued customers. Call us today at 801-254-4038 or click the link below to fill out a bid form. An estimator will reach out to you to go over details to ensure an accurate bid.